Do you want to know what makes your hair grow rapidly?

What products aid hair growth?

What nutrition fastens hair growth?

This article has the answer to all of these questions. We will also look at tips that aid the growth of your hair, some of these tips are as follows: 

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  • Avoid heat styling tools: Some of the styling tools that require heat to function include a hairdryer, hair straightener, hot comb, electric hair curler, and so on. These tools attract heat to the hair and this, in turn, breaks the hair causing it to fall. To aid hair growth, it is advised that very minimal heat should be added to the hair while styling, allow your hair to dry the natural way instead of using hair dryers. When you do this, hair breakage is reduced to the barest minimum and your hair grows without hitches.


  • Essential Oils: Essential oils are extracted from plants, they capture the plants’ essential features like the scent, flavor, and all other important features. Some of the essential oils are castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, bergamot oil, chamomile oil, olive oil amongst a host of others. “Soul mate products like Herbal hair grow, Bergamot hair grow and Sulfur anti-dandruff” are encompassed with all of these essential oils suitable for hair growth. These oils have lots of important benefits which include the lubrication of the hair shaft, softening and conditioning the hair, prevents hair loss, promotes hair thickness and growth, and prevents dryness, dizziness, and itching.


  • Consume foods containing enough nutrients: Nutrients like Biotin, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, Omega 3&6 fatty acids are beneficial to hair growth. Hence, it is quite essential to indulge in foods containing these nutrients, foods like eggs, spinach, berries, salmon, mackerel, sweet potato, avocado, beans, peppers, and nuts.


  • Indulge in scalp massage: This entails carefully and softly massaging your scalp, this relaxes the mind and boosts blood circulation in the scalp thereby increasing the rate at which the hair grows. Scalp massage stretches the hair follicles and this enables rapid hair production from the roots.


  • Trim your hair frequently: Although lots of people do not like hair trims, it is quite essential to the growth of your hair because it gets rid of split ends which stunt the growth of your hair. Lack of trimming results in hair thinning and breakage and it also shortens the hair. It is advised that you trim your hair at least once in eight (8) weeks as it facilitates rapid growth.


  • Condition your hair regularly: Hair conditioning helps in detangling already tangled and spongy hair, it also softens tough hair. When your hair is properly conditioned with the right hair products it becomes easier to manage and maintain. Suitable hair products like Soulmate Hair Conditioner Plus and Sublime Natural are wonderful hair conditioners that soften and moisturize the hair. A hair conditioner reduces the level of friction caused when brushing or combing your hair.


Genes also play a huge role in acquiring thick and full hair in some people’s cases and vice versa. If after adhering to the above steps, your hair is still redundant, please visit a doctor for proper diagnosis.



Article written by Okolie Eberechukwu.





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