Dedicated to research and developing high quality and effective beauty products.

Our story

“Twenty-nine years ago, I envisioned building within people a “soul of beauty” by creating new beauty care products that would help men, women, and children. My impulse was an imperative dedication to bringing trust in people on how they look and feel, on the inside, and externally. Tied on the platforms of beauty and innovation, we strive to provide beauty care products that will bring about this vision. We have believed in relating to the passions of our clients, and know that will always take us closer to that ideal soul of beauty”. – Sir Ndukwe Osogho-Ajala, OON, Founder, Soulmate Industries Ltd.

Our Mission

To research and develop high quality and effective beauty products.

Our Vision

To improve, restore, and maintain your hair and skin to make you more beautiful.

Your Emotion

It’s our purpose to research and design products you can
feel safe about.

The Campaign

Become a member of Soulmate Community, style, share and glow. Begin here.

Cultivate Positive,
Healthy Lives

Become more “beautiful you” by using Soulmate innovative products, daily..

Reaching the industry with innovative, world-class products.

Styling with Soulmate

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Agents of Beauty

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