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Anytime, Anywhere.
Ride your dreams now. Sell Soulmate products: Part-time, and full-time.

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Sell Soulmate products part-time or full-time, anytime and anywhere. It’s simpler than ever to begin.  

As an agent or campus rep, great perks, cool tours, and more. Be the first to know about  new launches, and special moments.
More than
Just Beauty
We’re enthusiastically driven women of beauty. We admire one another as we are more than just beauty.
Set, Order!
Join us – and share your products on social media, host shopping fun, tea meetups, and more.

Start Now — It’s Super Easy


Sign up, and sell Soulmate products with complete training provided online and in-person.


You decide the hours, and level of responsibility that satisfies you and your lifestyle!


Constant on-going support from sales managers and the Soulmate company.

We’re dedicated to researching and developing high quality and effective beauty products. We also use our platform for causes that foster healthy, positive lifestyles.

We Support Our Communities




Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a dedicated account and a full Soulmate product brochure. There are also reading materials, training and where necessary product samples. You will receive complete industry tools and support:

  • Online account in Soulmate portal.
  • Access to Soulmate Community mobile app.
  • Free marketing tools you can work with.
  • Free anytime, world-class training with Soulmate.
  • Free social media content.
  • And More.

Our Soulmate team will provide training and guidance on your journey. We have both online and physical training to ensure you are on-boarded well. Our local, regional and headquarters teams would be available to support your growth.

Getting paid is simple! There are two ways to get your money:

Sign up for Direct Deposit and you’ll get paid after the seasonal reconciliation; the date would be communicated to you during on-board. Soulmate pays you for helping to sell Soulmate products to your customers, networks, associates and more. This payment comes as a sales commission.

Order frequency is based on your efficiency. If products with you are sold fast, you can order for replacement anytime. Our support team will help you and ensure you would always have Soulmate products to serve your customers.
We do invite and host our amazing agents and campus representatives to selected company parties, annual events, product launches, etc.
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